Petition hand-in

10 Downing Street, 20th September 2002. Our petition calls on the Prime Minister to establish the independent inquiry into the Diaries of Despair scandal. Photo 1 shows Norman Baker MP (left), Dan Lyons (second left and Angela Roberts (far right) of Uncaged, with representatives from Naturewatch. All photos in this section credit Corin Jeavons.


Diaries of Despair protest, 21st September 2002. Six hundred demonstrators gathered in Central London to demand an independent judicial inquiry into the Government's failure to enforce laws in approving licenses for animal experiments. Row 2, photo 4: Angela Roberts, Uncaged Campaigns founder, with Dan Lyons, Director. All photos in this section credit Corin Jeavons.

Die-in at the Home Office

The Home Office, 21st September 2002. Hundreds of protesters in monkey costumes staged a poignant 'die-in' and two minutes silence in memory of the Imutran primates. The protest ended with the submission of memorial books to the Home Office. Row 2, photo 3: Dan Lyons hands the memorial books into the Home Office. All photos in this section credit Corin Jeavons.


Between 1994 and 2000, hundreds of higher primates were subjected to grotesque xenotransplantation experiments. Hearts and kidneys from genetically engineered piglets were transplanted into the necks, abdomens and chests of monkeys and baboons captured from the wild. The results were truly appalling. All photos in this section credit Organ Farm.

Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons, 30, is Director of Uncaged Campaigns and a specialist in the ethics of xenotransplantation. Mr Lyons has an honours degree in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Sheffield, and is currently working towards a PhD on the subject of the ethical and political theory implications of xenotransplantation. Photos 2, 3 and 4, credit Corin Jeavons.

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