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Link colours - an explanation

This website uses two link colours, light blue and yellow.

Light blue links are normal web links. These may link to other pages within the site or to external sites (external site links will open in a new window).

Yellow links open a PDF format file, which will open in the 'PDF Viewer' (a new browser window). Please note that when a file is loading there is a time lapse between loading the file and then showing the relevant page requested - this results in a blank screen being shown for a number of seconds. Browsing will be quicker if the 'PDF Viewer' is kept open while navigating the site (it will automatically come to the front when required).


PDF files

To publish the report and leaked documents in an efficient way, copies of the documents have been grouped into four main PDF's.

  1. Diaries of Despair report - report.pdf, 146 pages, 1.1MB
  2. Leaked study reports - studies.pdf, 558 pages, 4.3MB
  3. Other leaked documents - docs.pdf, 114 pages, 2.6MB
  4. New Home Office leak - newdocs.pdf, 216 pages, 5.4MB

These PDF's include bookmarks, plus an index or contents page, for quickly accessing the relevant document/page within a PDF.

The Diaries of Despair report (report.pdf) is only available in PDF format. It includes cross references (PDF links) to the supporting material contained in the original leak documents (studies.pdf and docs.pdf). Downloading these three files enables offline viewing of the complete report and documentary evidence using PDF's only.

The new leak of documents (newdocs.pdf) is available in PDF format and can be browsed on or off-line. References to these documents that are made on the pages of this website are linked in yellow and load in the 'PDF Viewer' (a new browser window).

Three further PDF's are provided for printing purposes:

  1. Futile Atrocities - futile.pdf
  2. Legal Battle - legal.pdf
  3. Guilty Government - guilty.pdf

These PDF's do not contain cross references (PDF links) to supporting material in other PDF files, but are simply intended as an easy way to print the document for offline reading. Links to supporting material for these documents are only provided in their respective HTML versions available on the website.



The best printing results will be achieved by printing the PDF file version, where available (see PDF files for a list of the available PDF's). If pages are printed directly from the website, please ensure that the left and right print margins in your browsers print settings are set to 15mm or less, otherwise some cropping my occur.

The Action PDF includes a leaflet for double sided printing/photocopies on A4. When folded this leaflet becomes a four-sided A5 leaflet.


Download instructions

Go to the downloads page and for each file that you want to download do the following:

PC users - right click on the file that you wish to download. Choose Save Target As (or Save Link As in Netscape) and choose a location on your hard disk to save the file to. All 3 files should be saved to the same location. To open the files, locate them on your hard disk and double click.

Mac users - click and hold your mouse over the link. Choose Download Link to Disk (or Save This Link As in Netscape) and choose a location on your hard disk to save the file to. All 3 files should be saved to the same location. To open the files, locate them on your hard disk and double click.

The files require Adobe Acrobat Reader v4 or above, a free download of which is available from the Adobe website as follows:


Viewing PDF files online

When you view PDF files on the Web, several aspects of their display depend on which browser is used and whether the Web server can deliver PDF documents one page at a time. Page-at-a-time downloading is enabled on the Diaries of Despair website, which should mean that only the page you are requesting is delivered to your browser, rather than the complete PDF, which may run to many MB. Most commonly the PDF will load in the browser window ('PDF Viewer') with the page requested. However it is also possible that the PDF will launch Acrobat itself, and that the complete PDF is downloaded before a page is viewed (for more information visit



The site includes a Flash introduction. Simply press the skip button or click on the introduction to enter the site without re-playing.


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